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WHY PONO REZ? While competitive reservation systems value the bottom line, A3H values.....values.

Competitors create specific improvements/upgrades to their systems and then charge to share it with other users. Pono Rez makes improvements, inspired
by users and then freely shares
it with all users.

Pono Rez is beholden only to the Activity Provider users. We offer no services (other than free access) or derive revenue from agent desks. We answer only to the Attraction & Activity Providers, A3H Members. As a member you become an owner of this co-op system.

We do this because it's the right thing to do ~ it's Pono. This system is made with principle over profit in mind.

Secrecy is trumped by honesty.

Our cost and finances are transparent. A3H believes by having a system that is made by the members for the member, the entire industry will benefit.

Pono Rez is not just a different kind of system - it's a system that's making a difference.

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Monthly Classes

Each class is contoured to the users. This month's second class is for beginners. This month's first class covers more advanced topics & New updates to Pono Rez. Each webinar is one hour, followed by Q&A. Pono Rez users anywhere in the world with internet access may attend. Register for this month (Registration is Free). Both days starts at 10:00 am H.S.T. (UTC/GMT -10)

Monthly Classes

This webinar will take you step by step in how to set up what companies you sell & how to sell them. We also assist in how to increase your vendor list. Each webinar is one hour, followed by Q&A. Travel Agents signed up for TARP or the Pono Rez agent interface anywhere in the world with internet access may attend.Register for this month (Registration is Free) Both days starts at 10:00 am H.S.T. (UTC/GMT -10)

   & so much more.
CRS, ECommerce & GDS - All in One
Pono Rez is a web based Central Reservation System (CRS) targeting Tours & Attractions. The system comes equipped with a slick Ecommerce solution, customization tools and API messaging. In addition to the scheduling of Tours, Retail Store, Gift Certificates & Transportation are standard modules. The system complies with Payment Card Industry data security standards & credit card standards.
Global Distribution Service Pono Rez also serves as a Global Distribution Service (GDS). There are thousands of agents signed up to use our system to book their clients tours direct. There is also an API available to resellers, which allows them to plug directly into the products using Pono Rez.

Want to use one of our web services? Simply use SOAP to set up. The links below communicate with our test or Sandbox database. Once you have worked out the bugs simple remove "_test" from the wsdl and you'll be talking with the production "real time" data base.
Public Service wsdl
Activity Provider Service wsdl
Activity Desk or Wholesaler wsdl
(Agency Service documentation)

Coming Soon.... our New

Public Service does not require login info and allows booking of all suppliers and activities with Web Bookings enabled. It's a way for any business that's interested to create their own site.

Activity Provider Service is to be used only by suppliers of products, members of A3H and requires supplier credential's (username and password).

Activity Desk or Wholesaler service is to be used only by agencies or wholesalers and requires an agency credential's (username and password).
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