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    Since 2001, Pono Rez has been built, improved & used by Hawaii's premier activities & attractions. It is owned by a not for profit Hawaii Corporation, a trade association, A3H (Activities & Attractions Association of Hawaii).

If your company is a Hawaii activity or attraction business, A3H membership is required to access to Pono Rez.

A3H Members are featured on all co-op marketing websites which A3H maintains to provide one-stop shop direct booking opportunities for consumers and A3H members, Connecting customers direct with suppliers.

In the table below the second columnrepresents those benefits provided to A3H members by way of membership. Level 1, 2 and 3 are each different options of use. Costs are noted at the bottom of the chart. Click on a Feature to view an explanation.
Features & Benefits of Pono Rez Included with A3H Membership Level 1 WebBooking Tools Level 2 Back Office Level 3 Back Office + WebTools
Products listed on all A3H Web & mobile sites
PC, Mac & Mobile with all Major Browsers
Web Based No Software Installation
Product Distribution @ 0% commission
Unlimited Users & Products
Flat monthly fee/no transaction fees
User Owned Software (501c6)
Compatible with mobile devices
FIT, Private Groups and Special Events
Scheduling Price Changes & Discount
Audit Trail & Modification History
Unlimited Custom Reports
XML Web Service for Agency
Export Reservation Tools
One Page Reservation Form
Gift Certificates
Auto Emails to Ticketed Customers
Auto Emails to Company
Auto Merged Documents to Resellers
Promo Codes/GroupOn / LivingSocial
Independent Payment Processor
PCI Compliant (Ecommerce)
On line Retail Store
Easy Cut/Paste Booking Widgets
Secured Online Payments Tools
Customized Hosted Checkout
Auto Affiliate Web Form
Real Time Phone & Web Sales
Transportation Dispatch
Email or Printed Invoicing
Blocks Settings Available
XML Web Service for Supplier
Continuity & Efficiency

Cost Structure

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

$250 $45 $750 $85 $1,000 $130
one time set up per month one time set up per month one time set up per month
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